At Optimal Wellness and Health, one of our utmost priorities is to educate our patients and help them truly understand how our Botox procedure can make them look and feel amazing. This enables you to make a well-informed decision about your treatment.

Botox Done Right

Wrinkles are an often-dreaded but inevitable part of the aging process. But that doesn't mean that you have to accept them.

Botox is a commonly used cosmetic treatment that works best to minimize wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, resulting in softer, smoother skin. Certified experts target appropriate muscles with Botox that controls the appearance of wrinkles without hampering your ability to use those muscles when you want to.

This injectable medication can temporarily block the muscles, keeping frown lines, furrow lines, and crow's feet at bay. Treatments are very effective, and our patients always leave happy with the way they look afterward.

Additionally, Botox can be used to address other body-related concerns and conditions, including:

  •   Urinary incontinence
  •   Chronic migraine
  •   Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)
  •   Lazy eye

Our Patients Are Our First Priority, Always

You can count on us for a professional and nurturing approach to your Botox treatment that combines cutting-edge knowledge and treatment in an inviting and warm environment.

Our experienced aesthetic specialists perform the treatment under a highly certified physician's supervision who shares a mutual passion for customized care and outstanding results that set our clinical services apart from all others.

From your initial visit, our service providers and cooperative staff make you feel right at home. They walk you through the process and provide sound recommendations to ensure a stellar care experience for you. In fact, you can ask all your questions in an informal and relaxed atmosphere for expert advice.

The treatment itself takes 15 to 30 minutes at most, and you'll love the results. That's our promise.  

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Optimal Health & Wellness offers top notch medical, aesthetic, and clinical services.  We also offer services in massage therapy, spa treatments, and skin care. Book your appointment with us today!

Our Services

We target the underlying muscle with tiny amounts of a highly purified botulinum toxin protein to give you wrinkle-free skin that looks smooth and fresh.

We treat various skin issues with our chemical peels that prevent wrinkles, melasma, and age spots. Our service helps you wake up with vibrant skin every day.

Try our dermal fillers to restore volume, add fullness to the face, fill in acne scars, and diminish facial lines. They can also be used to fill thin lips, define chins, jawlines, cheeks, and temples.

Let us help you eliminate the stubborn fat under the chin that won’t go away with exercise. This safe and effective treatment of fat is a great way to enhance your appearance.

We perform microneedling as a cosmetic treatment where fine needles are rolled over the skin to stimulate collagen production, reducing scars, burns, and signs of aging.

Get permanent makeup tattoos that add lasting color to your skin. With strokes of organic pigments, we create a look that makes you seem naturally fresh and ready all day.

We use a plasma pen to sear the surface and tighten the underlying tissue that has become saggy over time due to aging or any skin disease, giving you a more robust look.

We do PRP facials and injections with your blood component that contains growth factors. It can be administered with facials, microneedling, and laser treatments.

This service heals damaged tissues in your scalp. The fluids used as growth factors are extracted from your body, making hair restoration a function of your body’s natural healing processes.

We restore the look of the natural hair to anyone with a broken hairline or hair loss. This is made possible by depositing tiny pigments within your skin’s dermal layer to produce the look of freshly shaved hair.

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Optimal Health & Wellness offers top notch medical, aesthetic, and clinical services.  We also offer services in massage therapy, spa treatments, and skin care. Book your appointment with us today!

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Community Service

Optimal Health & Wellness is an independent, privately owned practice designed to offer quality health care and spa services at affordable pricing. We believe every person deserve the highest quality care regardless of income.

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At Optimal Health & Wellness, we strive to create a family like atmosphere. We are dedicated to encouraging, educating, empowering, and providing services/resources necessary to reach optimal physical and mental health.

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We offer competitive pricing that is both fair to our customers and our community. Our goal is to in-able all people access to quality services and care.

After Hours Service

For those with difficult work and family schedules, we provide early morning and late night appointments.

Corporate Health Care

We provide corporate wellness exams, health risk assessments, employee training, new hire physicals (DOT and non-DOT), as well as variety of lab services for easy on boarding or continual employee maintenance.