Optimal Health And Wellness provides our clients with a number of medical services designed to meet your overall health and wellness needs.

Optimal Health and Wellness provides a unique approach to evaluating and managing your medical needs. We combine conventional medicine, functional medicine, integrative medicine, and regenerative medicine to evaluate, manage, and prevent disease. We believe in getting to the root of the problem instead of addressing a symptom of the problem. We know that health involves mind, body, sleep, and cellular health. Through multiple modalities, we are able to identify and provide an individualized plan necessary to optimize overall health.

Our Services

We provide innovative, high quality healthcare services to promote wellness while identify root cause of developing and chronic disease.

Multiple cocktails are available in the office to provide fluids, vitamins, and nutrients. It is an excellent way to rehydrate, replenish, restore, and remove toxins.

Generalized to comprehensive panels to evaluate overall cellular health. More individualized options are available including cancer marker panels, heavy metal testing, hormone evaluation, and COVID antibody tests.

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Our Hours

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Shelby, NC Location
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Optimal Health & Wellness offers top notch medical, aesthetic, and clinical services.  We also offer services in massage therapy, spa treatments, and skin care. Book your appointment with us today!

Why Choose Us For Your Health & Wellness Needs

Community Service

Optimal Health & Wellness is an independent, privately owned practice designed to offer quality health care and spa services at affordable pricing. We believe every person deserve the highest quality care regardless of income.

Clean & Friendly Atmosphere

At Optimal Health & Wellness, we strive to create a family like atmosphere. We are dedicated to encouraging, educating, empowering, and providing services/resources necessary to reach optimal physical and mental health.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing that is both fair to our customers and our community. Our goal is to in-able all people access to quality services and care.

After Hours Service

For those with difficult work and family schedules, we provide early morning and late night appointments.

Corporate Health Care

We provide corporate wellness exams, health risk assessments, employee training, new hire physicals (DOT and non-DOT), as well as variety of lab services for easy on boarding or continual employee maintenance.